Magical effects

grooming charms

Minor spells for personal grooming.


References from the canon

  • Molly Weasley thought that Bill's hair was too long and wanted to give it a trim. She fingered her wand as she suggested this, indicating that she would use her wand to do the trimming (GF5). (On the other hand, Molly may have had Diffindo in mind for this or some other general use spell, so there may not be a specific hair-trimming spell.)
  • Oddly enough it was Charlie, not Bill, whom Molly made a point of giving a haircut a day or so before Bill's wedding. Ron said later that he expected Charlie to sneak out and use a spell to regrow his hair (DH7).
  • Eloise Midgen tried to curse her pimples off, but that is not the recommended procedure and it did not work as well as she might have hoped (GF13).
  • During breakfast on the day of her first Divination class with Firenze, Parvati curled her eyelashes around her wand because she wanted to make a good impression on the centaur (OP27). This may not have been a spell, however, any more than the use of Muggle hair curlers would have been.


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