"He don' speak a lot of English … I've bin tryin' ter teach him … anyway, she don' seem ter have liked him much more'n she liked me. See, with giantesses, what counts is producin' good big kids, and he's always been a bit on the runty side fer a giant - on'y sixteen foot -"
-- Rubeus Hagrid (OP30)


Grawp was Rubeus Hagrid‘s half-brother, a giant whose mother was Fridwulfa. Grawp was small for his age and was abused by the other giants in their mountain stronghold. After discovering his half-brother there, Hagrid insisted on bringing Grawp back to live in the forest near Hogwarts. Grawp wasn’t too keen on the idea at first, but over time and with Hagrid’s help settled in and gained some crude manners. Hagrid told Harry that Grawp was “loads better” towards the end of the 1995-1996 school year (OP38). After Umbridge took over as Head at Hogwarts, Hagrid and Grawp escaped and hid out in a cave in the mountains nearby (DH28). Grawp fought on the side of the Hogwartsians in the Battle of Hogwarts (DH31).


Hagrid's half-brother, son of giant Fridwulfa.

Gender Male
Dates fl. 1996
Species / Race Giant
Distinguishing Features Sixteen feet tall, (small, as giants go)
Family Groups Hagrid family


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