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Fight and Flight

- Chapter 33

"The Ministry places a rather higher value on my life than yours, I'm afraid."
-- Dolores Umbridge to Harry Potter (OP33)

OP33: Fight and Flight

Hermione and Harry lead Umbridge into the Forbidden Forest, Umbridge insults the centaurs and they take her away, Grawp rescues Harry and Hermione from the centaurs, and Ron rejoins them with Neville, Ginny, and Luna, who insist on helping them in their fight. Luna suggests using the thestrals to get them to London.

Calendar and Dates

The entire chapter takes place on a Thursday, the final day of O.W.L.s. See OP31.

Interesting facts and notes

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Exceptional character moments

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Memorable lines

"No, I don't think so, Mr. Potter," said Umbridge sweetly, poking him in the back with [her wand]. "The Ministry places a rather higher value on my life than yours, I'm afraid."


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