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A Place to Hide

- Chapter 9

"Family safe, do not reply, we are being watched."
-- Arthur Weasley

DH9: A Place to Hide

HarryRon and Hermione flee the Death Eaters by Apparating to Tottenham Court Road. Hermione’s handbag turns out to have hidden depths (undetectable extension charm), and they go to a Muggle café to plan their next move. Antonin Dolohov and Thorfinn Rowle arrive, they duel and, after cleaning up, Harry recommends hiding out in Number Twelve Grimmauld Place.

Calendar and Dates

The same day as the previous chapter, so it is 1 August.

Interesting facts and notes

"....I took out all my building society savings before I came to The Burrow. I'll bet all the change is at the bottom," sighed Hermione, reaching for her beaded bag.

Hermione shows total commitment to the Horcrux quest set for Harry by Albus Dumbledore. Not only has she removed her parents from danger (DH6) and made plans for a "quick getaway", but she has committed all her money to the cause as well.

A building society is a type of UK banking institution that specialises in savings accounts and mortgage lending.

"I've never done a Memory Charm."

Technically true; the effect of Ron's backfiring wand on Gilderoy Lockhart at the end of his second year was accidental, so only his wand has done one (CS17).

"Nor have I," said Hermione, "but I know the theory."

But just days before (DH6), Hermione described in some detail how she had made her parents forget her existence and had given them memories of false identities instead.

Then again, from her extensive reading, Hermione probably knows a lot of the theory behind magic she hasn't performed herself yet.

"The Trace breaks at seventeen, that's wizarding law, you can't put it on an adult."

It sounds to me as though Ron is confusing two different issues here - that using the Trace on an adult is illegal, as opposed to whether it is possible.

They don't find out until much later that there is a magical Taboo on saying Lord Voldemort's name (DH20), which has betrayed their location to the Death Eaters.

Number twelve was visible to them, for they had been told of its existence by Dumbledore, its Secret-Keeper

That sounds to me as though the Fidelius Charm is still in operation on the house in Grimmauld Place, even though the Secret-Keeper is dead. This was discussed a little in DH6.

Exceptional character moments

Hermione's desperation to find Ron before she and Harry can escape.

Hermione's quick thinking and forward planning (and the beaded bag) saving the day.

The speed of Harry and Ron's realisation of and reactions to the two disguised Death Eaters in the Muggle café.

Lord Voldemort ordering the "petrified" Draco Malfoy to use the Cruciatus Curse on Thorfinn Rowle.

Memorable lines

"Oh, damn, that'll be the books," she said, peering into it, "and I had them all stacked by subject..."

"....I’ve had the essentials packed for days, you know, in case we needed to make a quick getaway."

"....I’ve never done a Memory Charm."
"Nor have I," said Hermione, "but I know the theory."

"Family safe, do not reply, we are being watched."

"Draco, give Rowle another taste of our displeasure … do it, or feel my wrath yourself!"

Words and phrases

Characters Introduced

DH 9 — A Place to Hide
Abbreviation DH9: A Place to Hide
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