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Stunning Spell

A commonly-used spell which hurls a bolt of red light, rendering the target of the spell unconscious.

Alternate names “Stunner” “Stunning Spell” “Stupefying Charm”

The reverse of this spell is “Rennervate”


References from the canon

  • Used by Ministry wizards to try to stop whomever cast the Dark Mark during the Quidditch World Cup riot (GF9)
  • Used by dragon keepers (a lot of them at once) to manage dragons (GF19).
  • Flavius Belby tried to use a Stupefying Charm against a Lethifold, but only succeeded in blasting a hole through his bedroom door (FB)
  • Effective against Pogrebins (FB).
  • Not very effective against Hagrid, who is part giant (OP31).
  • Harry tried to cast this on Snape during Snape's departure from Hogwarts, but missed (HBP28).
  • Cast by Harry several times at pursuing Death Eaters (DH4).
  • Referred to using the verb Stun (DH5).
  • Harry cast this on Thorfinn Rowle and attempted to cast it on Antonin Dolohov but missed the latter, hitting the waitress instead (DH9).
  • Used by Harry on Dolores Umbridge and on Yaxley (DH13).
  • Cast by Harry, Ron, and Hermione on the crowd of goblins responding to the alarm at Gringotts (DH25).



"stupefacio" L. to make senseless, from "stupeo" L. stunned

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