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Binding/Fastening Magic

Binding/Fastening Magic

Binding or Fastening spells create chains or ropes to restrain someone or something.


References from the canon

  • Dragon keepers used this magic to drive stakes into the ground to fasten the dragons to (GF19).
  • The chair in the Court of Magical Law magically restrained the accused using ropes (GF30, OP8).
  • Snape fired "thin, snakelike cords" from his wand to bind Remus Lupin in the Shrieking Shack (PA19).
  • Pettigrew bound Harry to the tombstone of Tom Riddle with a binding spell (GF32).
  • Charity Burbage was confined with invisible bindings at Malfoy Manor (DH1).
  • A Death Eater bound Ron with magical ropes in the café (DH9).


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