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Incantation: Sends thick ropes out of thin air to wrap around someone or something.

This could be the incantation for other binding spells.


References from the canon

  • Umbridge used this spell on Magorian the centaur, which prompted the rest of the centaurs to attack (OP33).
  • Harry used this spell on Inferi in the cave (HBP26).
  • Harry tried and failed to cast this on Snape during Snape's departure from Hogwarts (HBP28).
  • Newt Scamander silently made a "crackling rope of supernatural light" to capture Percival Graves so his true identity of Gellert Grindelwald could be revealed (WFT).
  • The adult Draco Malfoy uses this incantation during his duel against Harry Potter (CC2.13).



"incarceratus" L., past participle of "incarcerare", from in- + carcer prison

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