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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Act 2

The second act of the play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.”


  • Scene One – Harry’s Dream –
    • Cupboard under the Stairs, Privet Drive, changes to Albus in Durmstrang robes
  • Scene Two – Harry and Ginny Potter’s House
    • Harry wakes up from his dream, discusses it with Ginny, and guesses where Albus is
  • Scene Three – Hogwarts, Headmistress’s Office
    • Harry and Ginny, joined by Ron and Draco, plan to go into the Forest to find the boys
  • Scene Four – Edge of the Forbidden Forest
    • Albus and Scorpius practice spells, then prepare to use the Time Turner to go back to the First Task
  • Scene Five – Forbidden Forest
    • Harry encounters Bane and learns of the “black cloud” surrounding Albus
  • Scene Six – Edge of the Forbidden Forest
    • Albus and Scorpius use the Time Turner as their parents come looking for them
  • Scene Seven – Triwizard Tournament, Edge of the Forbidden Forest, 1994
    • The boys interfere with the First Task, come back to the present to be discovered by their parents as Albus collapses
  • Scene Eight – Hogwarts, Hospital Wing
    • Albus is injured, Harry talks with Dumbledore’s portrait. When Albus awakens, Harry bans Albus from contact with Scorpius
  • Scene Nine – Hogwarts, Staircase
    • Albus

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