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Counter-spell of Brachiabindo, a binding spell. Unbinds the victim.

References from the canon

  • Used by Harry to bind Draco as they duelled after Harry suggested that Scorpius was the son of Voldemort, Draco used the counter-spell "Emancipare" to free himself (CC2.13).
  • In an alternate timeline caused by use of the Experimental Time-Turner, Cedric Diggory came across Scorpius and Albus who had been bound with ropes and left in the Maze during the Third Task of the Triwizard Tournament. They told him it was part of the Task to free them, so Cedric used "Emancipare" to release their bonds, before going forward to the Triwizard Cup portkey that would lead to his death in the graveyard. Since the boys knew what his fate would be, they were "heartbroken" to see him go (CC3.20).



From Latin "emancipare" = "to free from control or authority"

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