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Scorpius Malfoy visits his father Draco at the Ministry of Magic

"Mum always told me that you were a better man than I could see, but this is what you really are isn't it? A murderer, a torturer…."
-- Scorpius Malfoy (CC3.3)

Scorpius Malfoy goes to the office of his father Draco, who is the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement at the Ministry of Magic. They argue and Scorpius accuses Draco of being responsible for the torture of Mudbloods (CC3.3).

When Scorpius starts to speak about his mother, Draco is surprised when Scorpius says “Mum always told me that you were a better man than I could see”. Draco tells his son to be careful, whatever it is he is doing (CC3.3).

Timeline Notes

Later the same day as the previous event, late September or early October 2020



This event takes place during the Scorpion King timeline, as described in the essay "Albus Potter and the lesson in Quantum Mechanics" by Nick Moline.

Even though Draco is ultimately responsible for Muggle deaths and torture, he says that Scorpius's mother Astoria

"....could always help me find light in the darkness. She made the world…. less….'murky'." (CC3.3)

In both worlds there is a scrap of goodness in Draco, which his son and wife bring out (CC3.3).

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