Blood status and prejudice Nineteen years later

Draco asks Harry and the Ministry to refute rumours that Scorpius is the son of Voldemort

"These rumours - about my son’s parentage - they don’t seem to be going away. The other Hogwarts students tease Scorpius about it relentlessly."
-- Draco Malfoy (CC1.4)

Draco Malfoy speaks to Harry Potter at King’s Cross as their sons board the Hogwarts Express for their second year.

Draco wants the Ministry of Magic to make a statement about the rumours that Scorpius is the son of Voldemort as a result of using a Time-Turner to send his wife Astoria back in time. Harry counters that the Ministry making any kind of statement would just feed the rumours. Draco mentions that his wife is ill and that Scorpius needs the extra support (CC1.4).


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