Draco Malfoy



Pensieve (Comments)

  • Lesley

    i think he is going to be killed cause he didn’t finsh the task he was assigned and voldemort doesn’t give 2nd chance.either u finsg or its death

  • Rachel

    Sorry Lesley I have to disagree with you. Draco is a true Slytherin. He’s going to watch out for #1 and ultimately survive. Of course that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to help the Order. He’s just not going to sacrifice himself for their cause.

  • emma

    Draco is not a killer, but he does want to help voldemort.He will go good soon, but now he is bad.

  • Katie

    Hey jabba you can’t say that draco could never ever hurt some one because he was told too,just because he make out like he wants to kill you don’t mean he will,and if you remmeber right the mean,ugly snape did and you have to see it from draco side,lets see you got your father your trying to make happy you have snape get you to do something that he clearly was not ready for so you can’t hate them both the only people you can hate is lucius,snape,and voldemort,Because as we all know this is all voldemort falt.

  • Jabba

    Malfoy is a very bad person. Malfoy Tried to kill Dumbledore, but Snape did. Then ran off like raving lunatics. I HATE THEM BOTH. I am a Gryffindor type of person.

  • John

    Malfoy was groomed to be a Death Eater, but, he was not told a critical piece of information. What it meant to have the mark on your arm. It means that you must be prepared to give up every posession that you have to Voldemort, even your life.