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Episode 20: Is Cursed Child Good?

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Episode 20: Is Cursed Child Good?

Steve and Nick finally got a chance to sit down and talk about Cursed Child, some good, some not so good, and found it is very hard to steer away from the Time Travel rabbit hole.  So much stuff to talk about and we debate a few big issues on the story.

SPOILER WARNING: Don’t listen to this episode if you haven’t read Cursed Child yet because we are not holding back on this episode.

Topics of this episode

  • We read some negative Lexicon feedback on air and talk about it
  • We talk about the upcoming new version of the timelines project (coming soon)
  • We talk about the rumors of an impending Cursed Child movie (not happening any time soon folks)
  • We talk about the upcoming new deluge of books coming out.
  • Rowling’s September 1st mistake.

Cursed Child Topics

  • Is it good?
  • Things are a bit different, how do we rationalize this?
  • Time Travel
  • Delphi’s parentage
  • Time Travel

Wrap Up

  • Episode 21 we’ll talk more Cursed Child trying our hardest not to talk about Time Travel
  • Nick is working on the Lexicon Timelines and arguing Cursed Child stuff on the internet
  • Steve is busy with the start of school, but also happily editing the Lexicon whenever he can find the time.


Pensieve (Comments)

  • Anna Marmiesse

    Yep Dumbledore could speal Parseltongue!! At least he can understand it. We learn that in the Penseive scene with the Gaunts in HP6. But that’s because he learnt to do it and not because he has a natural ability like Harry or Voldemort (or Delphi ?). (sorry if I’m writing the names wrong, I’m French I remember them better in French, for exemple Parseltongue is Fourchelang^^)

    • Goose

      No, he could not speak it, he only understood the language. If I remember correctly you simply cannot learn how to speak Parseltongue. Dumbledore understood it, Ron imitated single sound – and this is all.

  • Ali

    It was mentioned at some point that Dumbledore did learn to understand parseltongue.