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Dramatized versions of Rowling’s stories, on stage and on the screen.

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Films and plays
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In the case of the films based on the original novels, most of what is seen or heard on screen is not created by Rowling and is therefore not considered canon by the editors of the Lexicon. However, the film version of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and the play The Cursed Child are a bit more problematic. In each case Rowling had direct influence over the process, writing the screenplay for the FB film and providing the story for the play. Therefore many details intrinsic to the storyline are considered canon. For example, it is safe to say that Rowling invented all the characters, invented the areas of the wizarding world visited in the stories, and devised the plots. However, with very few exceptions, what is actually seen on the screen or the stage is NOT created by Rowling but instead by the costumers, art department personnel, scenic artists, and so on, and is therefore not what is considered to be canon. Unless we have evidence that Rowling directly created a visual element, we will not be including it in the Lexicon.

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