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Ancient Broom Games

- Chapter 2

In which broom games that were popular prior to the development of Quidditch are discussed.

Calendar and Dates

  • tenth century (sometime between 901 - 1000)
    Annual broom race of Sweden begins.
  • 1105
    Gunther the Violent Is the Winner painted.
  • eleventh century (sometime between 1001 - 1100)
    Tragic Gaelic poem mentions Creaothceann.
  • 1762
    Creaothceann made illegal.

Interesting facts and notes

Much of the Lexicon's information on broomstick games other than Quidditch comes from this chapter.

Broom sports emerged almost as soon as broomsticks were sufficiently advanced to allow fliers to turn corners and vary their speed and height.

These points are made again later: that the most important elements of a broomstick's performance are its maneuverability, speed, and altitude.

Other Canon Notes

Character notes:

  • Gunther the Violent (subject of a painting)

Characters Introduced

QA 2 — Ancient Broom Games
Abbreviation QA2: Ancient Broom Games
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