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Germany is a large country in central Europe.

Germany has a history in wizarding games; the game of Stichstock was invented there around 1105, though it died out two centuries later (QA2), and there is also a German illuminated manuscript from c. 962 A.D. showing three warlocks dismounting their broomsticks in pain (QA1). The Heidelberg Harriers team is one of the premier Quidditch clubs in the world (QA7, QA8). Germany’s national team competed in the 2014 Quidditch World Cup (Pm).

The Bowtruckle is native to Germany, as are the Erkling and the werewolf. The German Ministry of Magic are charged with controlling the deadly Erklings and have succeeded in reducing the number of attacks dramatically over the past few centuries (FB).

Locations in Germany:

  • Black Forest
  • Heidelberg


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