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Greece is as steeped in history in the wizarding world as it is in the Muggle world. In fact, when Albus Dumbledore and Elphias Doge planned to take a Grand Tour of the world upon graduating Hogwarts, Greece was to be their first stop (DH18). This is understandable, as the country was historically home to the sirens and the cyclops, it was the country where the basilisk was first created (FB), and it was the home of Circe (fw3).

Greece is also the natural home of several other magical creatures, one of which – the chimaera – killed Dai Llewellyn while he was on holiday in Mykonos, Greece (FB), and many years later, also led to a narrow escape for Elphias Doge (DH1).

Quirrell also pretended to be Greek when he gave Hagrid a dragon’s egg in the Hog’s Head (PS16).

Locations in Greece:

  • Aeaea
  • Mykonos


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