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A large southern European country shaped something like a boot jutting into the Mediterranean Sea, also ruling the islands of Sardinia and Sicily. The capital city is Rome.

  • Italian flyer Silvio Astolfi raced Scottish wizard Torquil MacTavish from Aberdeen to Rome, which ended with Astolfi being turned into a chicken, MacTavish having his knees reversed front to back, and their destination of the Roman Coliseum blown to even worse ruins. Luckily, witch Orabella Nuttley was watching and used her excellent Mending Charm to repair the Coliseum, for which she earned the Order of Merlin (BoS).
  • There was a "subcommittee of Sardinian sorcerers" at the Warlock Convention of 1289, according to Professor Binns (CS9).
  • Polish Seeker Bonawentura Wójcik was rumored to be the famous Italian Seeker Luciano Volpi, Transfigured, which was debunked when Volpi agreed to appear beside Wójcik at a  press conference (Pm).
  • Remus Lupin is named for one of the twin founders of Rome who were raised by wolves, but he does not have a twin brother named Romulus (JKR). However, he used the name Romulus as an alias on the wireless radio show Potterwatch (DH22).


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