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Gregorovitch house and workshop

“Who’s Gregorovitch?”
“I dunno, do I? You were the one saying it.”
“I think Voldemort’s looking for him.”
“Poor bloke..."
“I think he’s abroad.”
“Who, Gregorovitch?”
“Voldemort. I think he’s somewhere abroad, looking for Gregorovitch. It didn’t look like anywhere in Britain.”
-- Ron Weasley asking Harry about his scar-vision of Gregorovitch's country (DH7)

Located on a street where the houses have high, timbered gables and look “like gingerbread houses,” this was the house where the wand-maker Gregorovitch once lived. Voldemort comes to this house searching for information about the Elder Wand to find Gregorovitch gone; the woman who answers the door instead claims that Gregorovitch has moved, just before Voldemort kills her and her young children. It seems she was telling the truth, as it takes Voldemort some time after this to track Gregorovitch down, and given the wand-maker’s age it seems unlikely that he would have such young children (DH12).

This workshop, where Gregorovitch most likely made all of his wands, was the scene of a terrible moment for him. In the middle of the night over fifty years ago, Gregorovitch must have received some indication that an intruder was in his workshop; at any rate, he grabbed a lantern and ran to the shop just in time to see Gellert Grindelwald jump out the window, making off with the prized Elder Wand.

Gregorovitch never learned who the thief was, but he was forced to relive this memory many years later after being tracked down by Voldemort, in search of the Elder Wand himself. Once Voldemort saw the memory and discovered that Gregorovitch neither had the Elder Wand nor knew the name of the wizard who had stolen it, he killed the wand-maker and moved on to tracking down the thief – Grindelwald – instead (DH14).


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