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Swedish Short-Snout

Swedish Short-Snout

The Swedish Short-Snout is a species of dragon, native to Sweden. Its habitat is wild, uninhabited mountain areas. The Short-Snout is silvery-blue in color and it’s flame is a brilliant blue (FB). Sweden maintains a dragon reservation for the Short-Snout, located in the mountainous heart of the country somewhere between Arjeplog in the north and Kopparberg in the south (QA2).

In the first task of the Triwizard Tournament, Cedric Diggory, the first up, fights one of these to collect the golden egg.



Since the Short-Snout prefers uninhabited mountain areas, this tells us that it specifically inhabits the mountains of northern Sweden; although this region takes up perhaps 2/3 of the country, most of the Muggle population lives in the remaining third, the southern lowlands (Columbia). Northwestern Sweden is of particular interest, since the western border of Sweden is Norway's eastern border, and Norway also supports a dragon species.

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