Norwegian Ridgeback

"Hagrid, you live in a wooden house."
-- Hermione, pointing out the flaw in Hagrid's dragon-raising scheme (PS14)

Norwegian Ridgeback

Species of dragon native to northern Europe.
native to: Norway
habitat: mountains
appearance: black scales, bronze horns, black ridges on its back
food: any large mammals, including water animals
eggs: black
fangs: venomous (PS14)

norbert-etHagrid gets a dragon egg from a stranger in a pub. He illegally hatches the egg in his fireplace. The baby dragon is a Norwegian Ridgeback which he names Norbert. When it grows too large, violent, and firey for Hagrid to keep in his wooden hut, the dragon is given to Charlie Weasley, who works on a dragon reservation in Romania (PS14). Norbert later turned out to be female, according to Charlie, and her name was changed to Norberta (DH7).



Norway's topography consists largely of mountains, so it seems a fair deduction that the Ridgeback lives in the mountains of northern Norway, away from the majority of the Muggle inhabitants, who mostly live in the southern coastlands and valleys.

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