Peruvian Vipertooth

Peruvian Vipertooth

A small, very dangerous dragon species native to Peru.

habitat: mountains (?), probably eastern or northeastern Peru (see notes below)
appearance: smooth, copper-colored, short horns
fangs: venomous
size: small (15 feet)
food: goats, cows, but especially humans

The history of the interaction between wizards and this dangerous breed is interesting. The Peruvian vipertooth dragon may be somewhat responsible for Peru becoming the Quidditch powerhouse that it is. The game is believed to have been introduced to the Peruvian magical community by European magizoologists who came to study the vipertooth (QA8). The breed is particularly dangerous to humans, and in the late 1800s, the International Confederation of Wizards sent a team of exterminators to Peru to reduce the population (FB). Dragon Pox originally was contracted by wizards in contact with Peruvian Vipertooth dragons (Pm).



Given that the Vipertooth is native to Peru and that the wizarding world has successfully concealed its existence from Muggles, in fact, the only reasonable possibilities for the Vipertooth's native habitat are the western desert, the central mountainous region, and the eastern rainforests. The desert seems unlikely, since it runs along the seacoast and is a relatively small region. The central mountains are a possibility, but the eastern mountains and rainforests have relatively few Muggle inhabitants and are difficult for Muggles to reach (Colombia), so eastern/northeastern Peru seems like the Vipertooth's most likely location.

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