Engorgement Charm

Engorgement Charm

Reverse of Reducio, or the Shrinking Charm

Spell which causes the target to swell in size.


References from the canon

  • The twins placed an Engorgement Charm on the Ton-Tongue Toffee that they "accidentally" dropped in front of Dudley (GF4).
  • Kevin, the little wizard boy in the World Cup campground, was casting an Engorgement Spell (or something very similar) on a slug (GF7).
  • Hermione suspected that Hagrid has used an Engorgement Charm on his pumpkins (CS7).
  • The fake Moody used an Engorgement Charm on each of the three spiders he had bought to class to demonstrate the Unforgivable Curses (GF14).
  • Harry cast this on a spider to practice with his wand (DH20).



"engorger" Fr. swallow greedily

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