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The Fountain of Fair Fortune

High on a hill in an enchanted garden, enclosed by tall walls and protected by strong magic, flowed the Fountain of Fair Fortune.
-- opening lines of "The Fountain of Fair Fortune"

FFF: The Fountain of Fair Fortune

“The Fountain of Fair Fortune” is a wizarding world fairy tale, part of the collection Tales of Beedle the Bard. In the story, three witches and a hapless knight are on a quest to find the Fountain of Fair Fortune in its enchanted garden. Once a year, one unfortunate person is given the chance to find the Fountain and bathe in it, thereby gaining good fortune forever. The four travelers decide to help each other on through the garden and discover along the way that in doing so they help each one overcome their unfortunate circumstances. They leave the garden happily together.

Interesting facts and notes

Jo's comments about the story:

'"Fountain of Fair Fortune" is my favorite one, and that's really about the qualities you need to achieve your heart's desire, and the moral being that magic ultimately is not the best weapon.'  (PC/JKR1)

Other Canon Notes


  • Asha
  • Altheda
  • Amata
  • Sir Luckless

Items and other details:

  • The Fountain of Fair Fortune
  • garden protected by strong magic
  • Creepers
  • gigantic white worm

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