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The second of three witches in the story “The Fountain of Fair Fortune” from The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Altheda was a witch who had lost confidence in herself after being robbed and humiliated, and went to find the fabled fountain for a cure for her feelings of helplessness. On her way she meets two other witches, Asha and Amata, and even though just one may bathe, the three decide to help each other get to the fountain. After passing through three obstacles, Asha collapses and Altheda quickly mixes a potion that not only revives her, but also cures her “incurable” malady. When the fountain is reached, Altheda realizes that knowledge of her healing skills have made her feel powerful and hopeful again and she no longer needs the fountain (TBB/FFF).





Name possibly derived from 'Althos,' Greek for 'healing,' and related to the female names Althea/Althaea.

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