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The third of three witches in the story “The Fountain of Fair Fortune” from The Tales of Beedle the Bard. In the Amazon.com paraphrase, Amata was a witch seeking a cure from the fountain for the grief and longing caused when she was deserted by her beloved. As she journeys to the fountain (which will only let one person bathe), she meets two other witches, Asha and Altheda , and rescues a Muggle knight named Sir Luckless. The third obstacle before the fountain was a stream where the women are told to leave a treasure of their past. Amata uses her wand to pull memories of her faithless lover and deposit them in the stream. To her surprise, once her judgment is unclouded, she realizes that her lover was cruel and unworthy of her and that she has cured herself. Fortunately for Sir Luckless, the other two women have similar epiphanies, and he is luckless no more. He bathes in the fountain (in full armor, no less) and Amata begins to fall in love with him (TBB/FFF).

Gender Female



Amata means 'beloved' in Italian.

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