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Herbert Beery

"Professor Beery, in his role of director, had been dangerously oblivious to the emotional entanglements seething under his very nose."

--Albus Dumbledore (TBB/FFF)

Herbert Beery was the Herbology Professor sometime during Armando Dippet’s tenure as Headmaster.  He was a theatre enthusiast, and was responsible for Hogwarts’s only attempt at a pantomime.  Beery attempted to put on an adaptation of “Fountain of Fair Fortune,” with himself as director, but the evening ended in disaster due to a combination of backstage drama and an Engorged Ashwinder.  Beery eventually left his position at Hogwarts for a teaching role at the Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts.  He believed the “Fountain of Fair Fortune” to be unlucky, and forever had “a strong aversion” to putting it on stage. (TBB/FFF)

Herbert Beery
Gender Male
Species / Race Wizard
School Hogwarts - Staff
Profession Herbology Professor



"Herbert" from "herb," since Beery was the Herbology Professor.

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