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Moves a body.

The basic spell for moving something starts with the “Mobili-” prefix. In this case, the Latin word for “body” is tacked on the end.

References from the canon

  • Remus Lupin used this spell to levitate Snape's unconscious body for transport back to school from the Shrieking Shack (PA19). Unfortunately for Snape, Sirius Black then took over managing the levitation while Lupin covered Wormtail with his wand, and for some reason Sirius didn't seem to be very careful about keeping Snape from bumping into things (PA20).
    Thought of the day: "A real friend helps you move a body."
  • The adult Draco Malfoy uses this spell during his duel with Harry Potter (CC2.13).




"mobilis" L. movable + "corpus" L. body

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