Dancing Feet Spell

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The Harry Potter Canon

Forces the victim’s legs to do a crazy dance.

References from the canon

  • Draco cast this spell on Harry at the Duelling Club (CS10).
  • Dolohov used this spell on Neville during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries (OP35).
  • Dance is described on Pottermore as a "type of quickstep" (Pm)



"tarantella" It. dance associated with the tarantula, from Taranto, a city in Italy + "allegro" It. fast


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="323"] Music for the Tarantula Dance or Tarantella Via Wikimedia[/caption]

The Tarantella folk dance originated near Taranto, Italy, as a response to the bite of a wolf spider, or tarantula. It was believed the wild movements of the dance would help the victim overcome seizures and sweat the poison out. More likely that never worked, and it was just an excuse to have fun at harvest time. The fast-rhythm inspired composers from Chopin to Schubert, but in popular culture it's found as the pirate dance of Captain Hook in Peter Pan, and the song "Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo" by the Fairy Godmother in the Disney's Cinderella. source: Wikipedia


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