"Those courtrooms haven't been used in years."

--Arthur Weasley (OP7)

Courtroom Ten

One of the old courtrooms on level ten of the Ministry of Magic. The walls of Courtroom Ten are dark stone, and the room is dimly lit by torches. In the center of the room is a chair with magical chains on it where the accused sits. The court members, of which there are about fifty, sit above overlooking the chair in the judge’s balcony.

This courtroom is identical to (and may very well be the same one as) that which Harry saw in the Pensieve when he "attended" several proceedings from Dumbledore's memory. The proceedings persecuting Muggle-borns take place on the same level. However, number are not given.

The Death Chamber one floor up in the Department of Mysteries greatly resembles courtroom ten (OP34).

Harry's hearing is moved to this long-disused courtroom at the last minute (OP7).

The door to Courtroom Ten is dirty and has a big iron lock (DH7).



There must be newer courtrooms elsewhere in the Ministry if the ones on level ten hadn't seen use in years and Harry's hearing was originally supposed to take place somewhere else at the ministry. We are never told where these courtrooms might be, but the Department of Magical Law Enforcement on level two seems the most likely place. -BB

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