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Tottenham Court Road

When Bill and Fleur’s wedding was interrupted by Death Eaters, Hermione grabbed Harry and Ron as fast as she could and Apparated with them to the first Muggle place she thought of – Tottenham Court Road, in London. There they try to hide briefly in a Muggle cafe, though they are soon tracked there by Death Eaters and forced to leave for Grimmauld Place instead (DH9).

Tottenham Court Road is an interesting choice on Hermione’s part, and possibly an insightful one. The street is not particularly famous or noteworthy, but it does intersect with Charing Cross Road, and in fact the Tottenham Court Road underground station is one of a couple stations that perfectly fit the description of the station Harry and Hagrid use to get to the Leaky Cauldron and Diagon Alley (PS5). It might make sense that this was how Hermione and her parents reached the Leaky Cauldron as well, being Muggles – and therefore provide a reason for why Tottenham Court Road might be in her head.


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