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Silver Lime

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The Harry Potter Canon

"...a reputation for performing best for Seers and those skilled in Legilimency, mysterious arts both."
-- Mr. Ollivander (Pm)

A wand wood (Pm).

  • Silver lime wand wood was popular in the 19th century, so much so that some wand makers dyed wood to create more supply (Pm)
  • The wood gained a reputation for divination and legillimency, but a wandmaker named Arturo Cephalopos said that was just a rumor spread by Gerbold Ollivander to sell more silver lime wands. Gerbold's grandson, Garrick Ollivander strongly denied this allegation stating that "Cephalopos was a slipshod wandmaker and an ignoramus, and nobody, Seer or not, was surprised when he went out of business." (Pm).


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