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"...this is a wand for revolutionaries."
-- Mr. Ollivander (Pm)

A wand wood (Pm).

  • Aspen wood is white and resembles ivory (Pm).
  • According the Ollivander, an aspen wand is "usually outstanding" for charms magic. He states that "(t)he proper owner of the aspen wand is often an accomplished duellist, or destined to be so." WEB LINKRead more on Pottermore.

A famous duelling club known as the Silver Spears only accepted members with aspen wands (Pm)



Form of Old English æspe "aspen tree, white poplar,"


Aspens spread by roots, so a forest of aspen trees actually functions as one giant organism. As trees die off, the roots survive and continue to spread for thousands of years. A large colony of aspens in Utah known as "Pando"  is estimated to be 80,000 years old. source: Wikipedia

Many types of aspens have heart-shaped leaves that tremble and shake in the wind.

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