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The Harry Potter Canon

"... one finds blackthorn wands among the Aurors as well as among the denizons of Azkaban."
--Mr. Ollivander (Pm)


A wand wood, known for its dark bark, large sharp thorns, and dense, stiff, spiny branches (Pm).

  • Ron "liberated" a blackthorn wand from a Snatcher who had tried to capture him (DH19). Harry used the extra wand since his was destroyed while escaping Nagini, but the blackthorn did not work well for him (DH20)
  • According the Ollivander, a wand of this wood "has the reputation, in my view well-merited, of being best suited to a warrior." He mentions that the blackthorn bush produces its sweet berries (sloe berries) only after a hard frost as evidence the the blackthorn wand needs to pass through difficult times with its owner before truly bonding (Pm)
  • According to legend, Sir Cadogan carried a blackthorn wand with a troll whisker core (Pm).



The common name "blackthorn" is due to the thorny nature of the shrub, and its very dark bark (Wikipedia).


The Irish name for Blackthorn is "Straif" - meaning "strife," perhaps because of the tree's dangerous thorns. It was believed the blackthorn was guarded by spiky fairy-folk known as the Lunantisidhe, or "moon fairies." Leprechauns were said to make their fighting clubs from blackthorn, and witches their magic wands.  In 1670, a Major Thomas Weir of Edinburgh was suspected and  burned for witchcraft because he carried a blackthorn walking stick.  source: IrelandCalling

Blackthorn is traditionally the wood used for the shillelagh, the Irish fighting stick. offsiteMore legends and lore.

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