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Chadwick Boot

Chadwick Boot, spellbook author and one of the founders of Ilvermorney wizarding school, was the elder son of wizard parents who foolishly wandered into the wilds of 17th century America and were killed by a Hidebehind. He and his younger brother Webster were rescued by Isolt Sayre, who taught them magic and eventually adopted them with husband James Steward. Chadwick took part in founding Ilvermony and founded the house Thunderbird. He later wrote Chadwick’s Charms Vols I – VII which is used at Ilvermony.


Biological parents: Mr. & Mrs. Boot

Adoptive parents: Isolt Sayre and James Steward

Biological Sibling: Webster Boot

Adoptive Siblings: Martha Steward, Rionach Steward.

Spouse: Josefina Calderon


Great at duelling, as seen as he duelled Gormlaith Gaunt expertly with his brother at the age of sixteen. Very good at charms.


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