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Pride of Portree 

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"Pride of Portree scraped a win, 270-200."
-- match report in the Daily Prophet (DP2)

Pride of Portree 

Scottish Quidditch team from Portree on the Isle of Skye in the Hebrides (QA7)

robes: deep purple with gold star (QA7)
home: Portree



Although the dates are uncertain, it may be that Meghan McCormack will have taken over as Seeker for Pride of Portree from Dougal McBride, who surely would have been in trouble for using an illegal wand to curse the head of the Arrows' Seeker.

Portree, a town on the Isle of Skye, in the Hebrides, hosts the shinty team for the Isle of Skye according to its Wikipedia listing (
team names Pride of Portree
Although the dates printed on the Daily Prophet Newsletters are DP1: 31 July 1998, DP2: 8 February 1999, DP3: 1 June 1999 and DP4: 1 October 1999, the timeframe for those events is 1992-1993.

The settlement now known as Portree was not called by that name prior to the 1500s. Before that it was called Kiltaraglen ('the church of St. Talarican') from Gaelic Cill Targhlain. This presents a bit of a problem for the timeline of the team. Perhaps they were called the Pride of Kiltargalen when they were founded in the 1200s and by lucky happenstance the town's name changed to something alliterative three hundred years later. Or perhaps the team changed it name when the town did.

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