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Haiti National Team

-- on a t-shirt worn by the Welsh National Team's manager Gwenog Jones (Pm)

Haiti National Team

The Haitian National Teams are from the country of Haiti in North America.


The Haiti were participants in the 2014 Quidditch World Cup in Patagonia, Argentina (Pm).

  • The team mascots, Inferi, caused havoc during the tournament’s opening ceremonies when they tried to capture and devour anyone who had fallen over during the riot.
  • Known players on the 2014 team were Jean-Baptiste Bloncourt, Beater; Clairvius Hyppolite, Chaser; Sylvian Jolicoeur, Seeker; and Lenelle Paraison, Keeper.
  • Haiti forfeited their first round match against Brazil while trailing by only 100 points to 90, due to a controversial – and illegal – Snitch capture by Bloncourt (Pm).



Although Haiti fielded a Quidditch World Cup team in 2014, no wizarding sports are listed on their Wikipedia entry (Wikipedia).

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