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Nigeria National Team

Nigeria National Team

The Nigerian National Teams are from the African country of Nigeria.


Nigeria were participants in the 2014 Quidditch World Cup in Argentina (Pm).

  • The team mascots were the vampiric Sasabonsam, who injured spectators and players during the opening ceremony riots.
  • Team members included Aliko Okoye and Mercy Ojukwu (Beaters); and Samuel Equiano (Seeker).
  • The team fly on Thunderbolt VII brooms, made in Manchester.
  • In their first match, Nigeria overwhelmed Fiji by a score of 400 points to 160.
  • They lost to Japan by 270 points to 100 in the quarter-finals – a shock result as Nigeria had been joint favourites to win the tournament. The failure of their Thunderbolt VII brooms played a large part in the defeat (Pm).



Although Nigeria were in the quarter-finals of the 2014 World Cup, there are not any Quidditch or other wizarding sports teams listed on its Wikipedia page (Wikipedia).

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