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Woollongong Warriors

Woollongong Warriors

Quidditch team from Australia

  • The Woollongong Warriors dominate the Australian league, along with their traditional rivals, the Thundelarra Thunderers. No one wants to referee matches between the two teams for fear of personal injury from potentially violent fans or players (QA8).
  • Besides the fiercely competitive rivalry with the Thunderers, the Warriors are also known for the "Woollongong Shimmy", a Quidditch move designed to put off the opposing team's Chasers (QA10).



"Woolongong" is not an actual place in Australia. However, there is a seaside university city located in New South Wales, Australia called Wollongong. According to Wikipedia, they have a club called the "Wollongong Warriors", which is part of the "Australian Quidditch Association" (a Muggle quidditch league) -

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