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Moutohora Macaws

Moutohora Macaws

The Moutohora Macaws are a Quidditch team from New Zealand (QA8).

The Macaws wear red, yellow and blue robes and, like all New Zealand teams, are known for their speed and showmanship (QA8).

The team mascot is a phoenix named “Sparky” (QA8).



Moutohora (Whale Island) is near the town of Whakatane on the North Island of New Zealand. It is a partially collapsed volcano and has been designated as a conservation and scientific reserve area. Therefore, there are no human residents and no sports teams - including Quidditch - listed on its Wikipedia page. (Wikipedia).

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  • Since Phoenixes are magical creatures, not real, they can exist wherever Rowling says that do. Apparently, she’s saying that Phoenixes are native to the mountains of New Zealand. I’d be honored if I were you.

  • Since Phoenixes don’t exist according to muggles, hard to say where they are native to.

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