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Canada National Team

Canada National Team

The Canadian National Teams come from the North American country of Canada.


Quidditch came to North America in the early seventeenth century and, while initially slow to take root, Canada is considered to have three of the best teams in the world (QA8).

During the aftermath of the 1877 Quidditch World Cup (which is known as the “Tournament that Nobody Remembers“), Canada’s Seeker Angelus Peel was found with his knees attached backwards onto his legs. The tournament had to be restaged in 1878 (Pm).

Canada were the winners of the 1990 Quidditch World Cup after a closely fought match against Scotland (Pm).



Canada has the sport of Quidditch listed on its Wikipedia "Sports in Canada" page, but not on its main entry on the country (Wikipedia).

Muggle teams from Canada participate in International Quidditch Association tournaments (Facebook page) (Wikipedia).

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