Quidditch World Cup 1877 (The Tournament that Nobody Remembers)

Quidditch World Cup 1877 (The Tournament that Nobody Remembers)

The Quidditch World Cup 1877 is a mystery – no one knows what actually happened. Although the Quidditch World Cup is said to be held every four years, this particular tournament had to be repeated in 1878, the following year. Therefore, 1877’s Quidditch World Cup is known as “The Tournament that Nobody Remembers” (QWC).

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Quidditch World Cup tournaments take place over several months, with the final match falling in July, as in 2014 (QWC) or August, as in 1994 (GF8).



Whatever caused the tournament to disappear from everyone's memory, it did leave behind several mysterious injuries and unexplained relocations of players. Teams known to have participated included the Argentinian National Team, Canada and England.

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