Cardiff (Caerdydd)

The capital of Wales, Cardiff (Welsh “Caerdydd”) is a large city located in South Wales. It became a city in 1905 and was made the capital of Wales in 1955.  (

Half of the Australian National Quidditch Team's players awoke in the basement of a pub in Cardiff, tied up and with their memories missing of the Quidditch World Cup of 1877, where they should have been playing in a Quidditch match. (Pm)

Hope Howell, mother of Remus Lupin, met her husband Lyall Lupin in a forest near Cardiff, where she worked in an insurance office. (Pm)



The fact that the Australians woke up in a pub with no memory of anything that had happened to them would not cause too much consternation in Cardiff, which is a popular destination for a stag do or hen weekend (US "bachelor/bachelorette party")....

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