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Angelus Peel

Angelus Peel

Angelus Peel played Seeker for the Canadian National Team in 1877.

Peel was one of the more unfortunate of the Quidditch players who was a participant in the 1877 Quidditch World Cup in Kazakhstan. Known as "The Tournament that Nobody Remembers", Peel woke up with his knees on back-to-front and no memory of how it had happened (Pm).



Angelus is the Latin word for "Angel".

Peel as a surname may derive from the French word pel (meaning "pole, boundary marker" or "tall, thin person") (Internet Surname Database). There are also several places and some famous people in Canada called Peel (Wikipedia).


It is not known whether he played in the re-staged tournament the following year - or whether his knees were ever the same again....

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