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Germany National Team

Germany National Team

The national teams from the European country of Germany.


  • Participants at the 2014 Quidditch World Cup in Argentina (Pm).
    • Seeker Thorsten Pfeffer was fooled by the Wronski Feint move of the Welsh National Team's Seeker and was injured after crashing into the pitch (Pm).
    • Team manager Franziska Faust reported that Pfeffer thought he was a budgie called "Klaus" when he came to, but that he was likely in time to make a complete recovery (Pm).
    • Germany lost the match against Wales by a score of 330 points to 100 (Pm).



Germany is the home of the ancient broom game of "Stichstock". There is no mention of whether this game was played outside Germany (QA8).

Although Germany fielded a Quidditch World Cup team and had their own ancient broom game, there are no wizarding sports listed on the country's Wikipedia entry (Wikipedia: Germany).

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