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Peru National Team

"It's got to be Ireland. They flattened Peru in the semifinals."
-- Charlie Weasley (GF5)

Peru National Team

The Peruvian National Teams are from the South American country of Peru.


The game first came to Peru with European wizards who were regulating the numbers of Peruvian Vipertooth dragons (QA8).

Peruvian Quidditch players are considered to be highly skilled and Peru could become the first Latin American team to be a Quidditch World Cup winner (QA8).

During the semi-finals of the 1994 Quidditch World Cup, the Peruvian National Team were decisively beaten by Ireland, who went on to win the tournament. This means Peru would have ended up with a third or fourth place finish (GF5).



Although Peru's Quidditch teams have rosy prospects, there are no wizarding sports teams of any kind listed on their Wikipedia entry (Wikipedia).

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