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Bulgaria National Team

"While they have twice reached the final in the last twenty years, Bulgaria entered this tournament as outsiders, their team having narrowly scraped into the final sixteen."
-- Ludo Bagman in the Daily Prophet, 2 July 2014 (Pm)

Bulgaria National Team

The national teams from the European country of Bulgaria.

robes: scarlet/red (GF8, Pm)
mascot: Veela (GF8, Pm)

Bulgaria's Quidditch team have played in the Quidditch World Cup final three times (Pm).

Notes and interesting facts:

  • In a 2014 poll, the 1994 Bulgarian Beaters Volkov and Vulchanov were voted all-time best beater duo - ahead of the popular 2014 Japanese team Beaters Shingo and Hongo (Pm).
  • Viktor Krum, who at 38 during the 2014 Quidditch World Cup was considered to be a bit old to still be playing professionally as a Seeker, stated that he wanted to "win the World Cup before I die" (Pm).



Although Bulgaria has participated in three Quidditch World Cups, there are no Quidditch or other wizarding sports teams listed on its Wikipedia entry (Wikipedia).

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