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Mr. Oblansk (or Obalonsk)

“And allow me to introduce you to Mr. Oblansk - Obalonsk - Mr. - well, he’s the Bulgarian Minister of Magic, and he can’t understand a word I’m saying anyway, so never mind"
-- Cornelius Fudge at the Quidditch World Cup (GF8)


“Vell, ve fought bravely."
“You can speak English! ... And you’ve been letting me mime everything all day!”
“Veil, it vos very funny."
-- Mr. Oblansk and Cornelius Fudge (GF8)

Mr. Oblansk (or Obalonsk)

The Bulgarian Minister for Magic, who watches the Quidditch World Cup along with Cornelius Fudge in the top box. He understands English, but pretends not to — Fudge, who had been “miming” or acting out words all day, was quite put out when Oblansk/Obalonsk began to speak English after Viktor Krum caught the snitch and ended the match.   (GF8).


A good sense of humor at Fudge's expense.


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