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Cushioning Charm

Cushioning Charm

The Cushioning Charm creates an invisible “pillow” on the handle of a broom to make flying more comfortable (QA9).

History and Notes

Invented by Elliot Smethwyk in 1820 (QA9).

References from the canon

  • Spell can be used for a soft landing during an escape.
  • Hermione cast a Cushioning Charm for protection when she, Bogrod, Harry, Ron, and Griphook were thrown from a Gringotts cart and fell a great distance (DH26).
  • Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy used the incantation "Molliare" as they leaped from the roof of the Hogwart's Express as the Trolley Lady tried to stop them (CC1.11)



From Latin "mollio" meaning "soft"

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