Boris Vulchanov

"We've been underdogs all through this tournament. We have nothing to lose and everything to win. We'll leave everything out there."
-- Boris Vulchanov, interviewed before the Bulgaria v Japan semi-final 2014 (Pm)

Boris Vulchanov

Boris Vulchanov was a Beater for the 2014 Bulgaria National Team.

He and the other Beater on the 2014 Bulgarian National Team, Dimitar Draganov, are considered to be a "competent" duo (Pm).

  • The first fixture of the tournament was an easily won match against New Zealand, as one of the NZ Chasers was sent off for a collision that was ruled to be deliberate (Pm).
  • A very short match of 42 minutes against Norway was won by 170 points to 20 following Seeker Viktor Krum's early catch of the Snitch (Pm).
  • During the semi-final match against Japan (won by 610 points to 460), Vulchanov, showing his complete commitment to the success of the team, was knocked unconscious while protecting Krum (Pm).
  • Bulgaria were the winners of the tournament, finally beating Brazil in a thrilling match by 170 points to 60. Beaters Vulchanov and Draganov were able to prevent Brazil's Chasers from running up the score by their strong defensive tactics during the game (Pm).

Other canon notes and references

Since Bulgaria's Seeker, Viktor Krum (born 1976), was the oldest player at the tournament (Pm), Vulchanov must have been born after 1976.

His father, Vulchanov, was a Beater on the Bulgarian National Team that lost to Ireland in the 1994 Quidditch World Cup (GF8, Pm).



Boris is a Slavonic name, the short form of Borislav and derives from boru (meaning "fight, battle") (Baby Namespedia).

Vulchanov derives from the Bulgarian word вулка́н (vulkan) meaning "volcano" (Dict.com: Bulgarian-English) and the name is similar to that of Bulgarian cinema actor and director Rangel Valchanov (Wikipedia).


One of his ancestors may have been the Bulgarian witch Nerida Vulchanova, who was the founder of the Durmstrang Institute wizarding school (Pm).

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